FinancialAssistanceForYou: Get Financial Assistance Fast!

Are you in need of emergency funds right now? There are government and private programs that give thousands of dollars every year to people that need it. It’s easy to receive assistance and/or guidance for any financial hardship you may be going through.

Know About! will guide you to get financial assistance from the government or from local organizations. There is government assistance from agencies or non-profits that work together to offer financial help to families or individuals in need.

What You Can Learn At

  • Government assistance programs
  • Free benefit programs
  • Guidance on investing money
  • Grants as financial aid
  • Advice on financial hardship
  • …and more!

Types of Financial Assistance you can Get!

A variety of financial aid sources are available to help you

  • Rent and mortgage payments
  • Medical Bills
  • Business Expenses
  • Utility bills
  • Groceries
  • CDs and mutuals

Three Steps to Apply for Financial Assistance!

  1. Confirm your financial need – You have to be eligible for financial assistance before you can apply. You will be asked to submit your most recent checking and savings statements to check if you qualify. Emergency financial assistance is available for people who are unable to pay basic living expenses (food/housing/health care).
  2. Review your eligibility – Make sure to check the requirements to know if you qualify. FinancialAssistanceForYou will provide information on the eligibility requirement
  3. Prepare your documentation Once you qualify for financial assistance, you must prepare all the necessary documents needed for submission


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